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Plan your magical day with Fine Tune

Chennai’s Favorite event planning platform to plan your events with authentic Vendors!

Event Decorating

Take the stress out of event decorating with Fine Tune! We handle all the details, from initial design consultations to on-site setup. Get the personalized decorations you dream of, delivered flawlessly and on time.

Event Photos & Videos

Treasure every unforgettable moment with our stunning event photography and videography. We specialize in capturing the authentic joy and beauty of your celebration, from candid smiles to breathtaking details. Relax and enjoy your event – we’ll ensure every precious moment is preserved in a personalized album, just for you.

Expert Makeup Artists

Shine with confidence on your special day! Fine Tune connects you with expert makeup artists who create the perfect look for you. Whether you desire a natural glow or a glamorous transformation, our team will ensure you feel radiant and ready to celebrate.


Indulge your guests with a culinary experience they won’t forget! Fine Tune partners with the best chefs to create exquisite dishes that tantalize the taste buds. We work closely with you to curate a personalized menu that reflects your preferences and dietary needs. Our seamless service ensures every guest enjoys a delightful dining experience throughout your event.

Premium Car

Make a grand entrance and relax in style throughout your event with Fine Tune’s premium car service. We provide a luxurious vehicle for your arrival and ensure you can sit back and enjoy the free ride for the rest of the event.

Dj Music

Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with Fine Tune’s live music and entertainment! We collaborate with top DJs and musicians to create a dynamic atmosphere that gets your guests moving. From heart-pumping beats to soulful melodies, we curate the perfect soundtrack for your celebration, ensuring you and your guests create lasting memories.

Return Gift

Create a moment they’ll never forget with Fine Tune’s personalized gifting service! Surprise your special someone with a thoughtful present, hand-picked and curated to their unique preferences. We handle all the details, ensuring a seamless and stress-free gifting experience that adds a touch of magic to your celebration.









*Clients can also select personalized services from the options listed above
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